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NewLit: Good Stuff To Read – “Play Nice”, Issue 229

NewLit Play Niceby Michael Guillebeau (Review by Lisa and Ricky Thomason)

Fact is when a book reviewer receives a submission from a local writer, nine times out of ten the reaction is less than “Oh, boy!”

“Oh, hell…” is closer to the truth. Many people think they can write because they can put words on paper. You might be surprised at how many people from other professions, be they doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs, will approach an author at a party and say, “Yeah, I’m retiring from doctoring next year and I am going to take up writing.”

A well-known author once told me his answer to such BS was something akin to “What a coincidence. I’m retiring from writing next year and going to take up doctoring.”

Of course, the doctor’s reaction is often that of a man insulted. “How dare this Bozo discount my 12 years of schooling and residency and years of practice and think he can just quit writing and be a doctor.”

They never seem to realize that it takes as many years to learn to write well – education and years of practice – as it does to become a good doctor. The main difference is a writer’s mistakes result in rejection slips while a doctors screw-ups result in death certificates.

No one is saying writing is a matter of life and death like doctoring, yet it is insulting for someone to assume they can do what you do just as well – or better – than you because their profession takes more brains than yours.

Often it does, often it doesn’t.

That aside, I get the feeling Mr. Guillebeau made his bones in another field before he plowed into writing. If so, I was pleasantly surprised that he writes well enough to hold interest and make you turn pages. “Play Nice” is told from a female POV – something that is a difficult task for the average writer to pull off. It makes one wonder if he has studied the masterful job that Robert Morgan and Stephan King do with the POV and voice of the fairer sex.

His story is interesting and is sympathetic to the plight and treatment of females in the world today. It shows in his manner of writing and story line. I thank him for surprising me because I like supporting local authors because I know the blood, sweat, tears, determination and dedication that such work requires.

There is no doubt that Mr. Guillebeau will write more and is welcome to share them with us for review. He is not another, “oh hell” writer and if he progresses at the rate he is going, it will be an “oh boy!” event.

“Play Nice” is ISBN 13: 97814332831660. I received a pre-release proof copy and am unsure when the full release will be available. Hopefully he gets it out for the beach reading season.

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